Fuck Your Values

from by Vile Faith

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Delusions of grandeur
Holier than thou
Head's swollen with pride
Under your bigot crown

Support your fellow humans but only on paper
Smash them in the face if they don't agree with your words
I can hear the shit on your tongue so don't you fucking preach
You tossed reality out, you're in no place to speak
You're just weak

Assumptions made you think they're valid
Point the finger at someone else
Hypocrisy is your policy
I think this is just a fallacy

Deny the rights of human beings that you deem unworthy
Doesn't that sound familiar to you? You're still the enemy
Project your self loathing somewhere fucking else
No time to listen to your nonsense, just keep it to yourself
Don't care what you say

Your morals are decayed
Your ethics are flawed
You're not my hero
You're just some self righteous fraud

Moral decay


from Lowbred Tape, releases July 14, 2037



all rights reserved


Vile Faith Maryland

Robin - drums
Brendan - vocals
DP - bass
Bragnew- guitar
AB - guitar

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